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New Year, new book!!

My son, Paul is an avid reader, and once he gets into a series of boos, well, let’s just say no one sees him until the books are done!  ( If only his homework was like that :)!!)

This year, our family and friends will start out by reading “The Hunger Games” series.  While I have asked Paul not to tell me too much, his excitement is contagious!

So please order your copy now, and share with us how you feel, starting with book one, “The Hunger Games”!

Remember there is NO pressure to do this, or to post.  It is just super fun to be able to share common interests and make the miles shrink as we are all over the country ( soon to be all over the world!)

Enjoy, and thank you Paul for your suggestion!


The Hunger Games

The new book is…………

Steve and Me

Our second book

Yes, if you read the last book, GREAT!  If you are still reading, keep going it’s terrific!

The new book should be arriving on your doorstep any day.  I hope you like it!  This one I picked, because I am so inspired by the love that Steve and Terry Irwin shared.  ( and of course the animal conservation thing is my thing!)

I hope you love it as much as I already do!  I think that Silas will be joining us this time.

Please remember, I know we are all busy people and this is supposed to be fun and a way to get to know each other, sample each other’s tastes in literature, and have fun family discussions about the books!  A way that we can come together in a new way as our family evolves and changes  ( and moves—boo!)!  Please allow this to be fun and challenging for you too!

You are loved, and I hope you love this book!

Finished it!

I doubt that I am the first done ( we have so many fast readers in the family) but I just finished this incredible page turner.  WOW.  I feel like crying, and “I KNEW IT”, and peace.

I was thinking about seeing the movie , yet I am so satisfied with the book, I think I will pass!

One last thing, and icicle…..perfect!

Next book is………..

Still a page turner

Even though I have had to slow down this week, I am excited for the pages I have been able to squeeze in.  The author is thoughtful to the characters and gentle with the reader–so far– ( that subject of the book makes me uneasy until I know she isn’t going to pull a “gotcha” and shock me).

My son Mike said that the movie was not something I want to see.  Hmmm I don’t know but I will decide after I finish reading the bo0k.  Maybe I will be so satisfied I won’t need to see the movie.  ( I have never heard of a movie adding to a book!)

I am wondering what we will read next, maybe we should read a classic!  Thoughts?

Our first book!

Our First book in the Kozlowski Family Book Club!

We are about to embark on a wonderful journey together, a book club!

Here’s how this idea started.  Though we love each other very much, the reality of our lives is that we are all very busy people living miles apart.  It is so very easy to become “less important” to each other, and get lost in nostalgia instead of keeping our relationships fresh and new!

Add to that new people being introduced into the family, and we have all the markers of becoming a “distantly” related family.

This book club is part of recognizing that gap could happen, and closing it!

One of the most successful families I have ever met went on a big family camping outing every year.  I really marveled at their ability to keep the family so “close”  when they lived busy professional lives all over the country.  That example I always have remembered and hoped I could use it as my family grew and changed.

So, the first part of the building of our family is this book club.  Here are the “rules”:

1) you don’t have to read every book we select

2) book selection is done by voting

3) you have to commit to finishing the book

4) please post your comments here ( we will “argue” the finer points when we get together ….hahahahah)

This is meant to be fun!  No worries, no grades, and if you said no to a book, then decided to read it, terrific!  Just join in!

Our first book has been selected by the lovely Stacy Kozlowski. She picked ” The Lovely Bones”.  Katie and I agreed.  ( now this isn’t a book I would normally read, however that is why we are doing this together …to stretch and grow!!)

I am excited to get started and the others who have committed to this time around are: myself, Katie, Stacy, Laurin, and Silas.

Thank you for all who are willing to participate this time around.

And know that in a month, we will be need to vote on another book, so start looking around now!!!

With all my heart!