New Year, new book!!

My son, Paul is an avid reader, and once he gets into a series of boos, well, let’s just say no one sees him until the books are done!  ( If only his homework was like that :)!!)

This year, our family and friends will start out by reading “The Hunger Games” series.  While I have asked Paul not to tell me too much, his excitement is contagious!

So please order your copy now, and share with us how you feel, starting with book one, “The Hunger Games”!

Remember there is NO pressure to do this, or to post.  It is just super fun to be able to share common interests and make the miles shrink as we are all over the country ( soon to be all over the world!)

Enjoy, and thank you Paul for your suggestion!


The Hunger Games

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  1. well its hard to talk about it and not give anything away. it was a vary realistic book. the responses of the characters to different situations and the depth of there emotions is vary realistic. like someone can be so scared they cant move or blinded by anger. the characters actually have flaws that make sense. the pace of the book is vary good as well. it makes it hard to put the book down. well i really liked it and the rest of the serious and hope you do to.

  2. I love this series!! I need to buy them to add to my collection. We read them for my book club. The end of the last book was not what I expected but was good. Emotions play a huge part, and there is a lot of calculation. Throughout the series it’s like a chess game with the characters. It gets very intense in the last book. I was glad that I had waited to read the last two until I had them both. I had a hard time putting them down, until I had them finished. Have fun reading! can’t wait to hear what you think when you’re all done!

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