Finished it!

I doubt that I am the first done ( we have so many fast readers in the family) but I just finished this incredible page turner.  WOW.  I feel like crying, and “I KNEW IT”, and peace.

I was thinking about seeing the movie , yet I am so satisfied with the book, I think I will pass!

One last thing, and icicle…..perfect!

Next book is………..

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  1. I am glad that you injoyed it!

    So I am not sure about what kinds of books everyone was thinking of reading since I am just kind of jumping into the family. ; ) But “Pictures of Hollis Woods” by Patrica Reilly Giff, is a great one! Short (only 166 pages), sweet,easy read, but a page turner too. Also a newbery honor book.
    Synopsis here at Barnes and Noble link.

    Or I have lots of other books. lol Since I read all the time!

  2. i really liked this book. to me it saying no matter what life still goes on and sometimes people that die aren’t really gone, just in another place.

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